Pennant Hills Bridge Club

Annual Congress

Our Annual Congress for 2023 was held as an in person Swiss Teams Event on Sunday, 15th October. The venue was North Ryde RSL Club.

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Future Events

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Club Information

Management of the Club

The Pennant Hills Bridge Club is an incorporated body in accordance with the NSW Associations Incorporation Act. The club is governed by a Constitution which may be viewed here.

The club has a Committee of Management elected in accordance with the Constitution. The club's financial year ends on 31st October and the Annual General Meeting and election of committee takes place on the first Tuesday in December before that night's bridge session.

Bridgemate Etiquette

Some points to note that make for more enjoyable bridge.

  • When the bidding has finished, do not touch the Bridgemates or enter contract details into personal records until the lead has been faced and dummy has gone down. This speeds up the game.

  • When details of the game have been entered by North/South, the Bridgemate should be placed in the centre of the table for all to see. East/West need to confirm details including the board number, contract and tricks made before pressing “Accept”.

  • The Bridgemate should be left on the table for people interested to check over board scores at other tables if available. This removes the need to make comments that may be seen as gloating or rubbishing the opponents.

  • Once noted, North/South to select OK .If this is done before the time period elapses, the unit will display “Repeat scores?”. Press OK to continue to review scores or Cancel to proceed to the next board.


Information from the Alerting Regulations


List your unusual or complex treatments in the pre-alerts section of the System Card. For instance-RCO/CRO 2s,(using a Brown system), transfer responses to 1C, unusual doubles or cue bids of opponents suit, unusual carding, etc.

Alerts during the auction

Alert by circling Partner's call and saying "Alert" but do not offer an explanation unless asked. Then give a concise explanation without using the name of a convention.

Don't alert

Any double or redouble
Any call beyond 3NT except conventional opening bids
A bid in a suit bid or shown by an opponent (cue bid)
Any 2♣ response to a 1NT opening in an uncontested auction.

Do alert

All other conventional calls such as Transfers.
Unusual natural bids. These include: weak jump shift responses, pre-emptive jump raises, inverted minors, canape tendency, negative free bids, etc.

If partner stuffs up

When declarer or dummy, if partner fails to alert or mis-explains, wait until the end of the auction before calling the director and correcting.
When a defender, wait until the end of the hand before calling the director and correcting the infraction.

Committee Resources page

This page contains resources used by the committee To access the contents of this page, enter the Committee security code in the box below and click the Submit button.