Pennant Hills Bridge Club

Annual Congress

Our Annual Congress for 2023 was held as an in person Swiss Teams Event on Sunday, 15th October. The venue was North Ryde RSL Club.

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Future Events

Keep monitoring our calendars for upcoming special events.
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Club Events


Session Information

View or print programs for the year. Programs are subject to change because of changed circumstances.

Codes used in our progams

  • (D) Duplicate - Green Point Grade E
  • (CH) Club Championship - Green Point Grade D
  • (IR) Club Internal Red Point Event
  • (ER) External Red Point Event
  • (G) Gold Point Event


  • Systems Cards are desirable for all sessions and are mandatory for Club Championship, Club Red Point and External Gold and Red Point events.
  • Winners partnered with the Director are entitled to Masterpoints.
  • Yellow Systems are not permitted in any event.
  • The club has a Rules and Ethics Committee. Complaints or enquiries should be directed to the club Recorder Jan Plumb.

Phone List

To help players find partners, we have a list of members and their phone numbers. To access this, please enter the club code in the box below and click Submit. 

Club Trophy Events

The following trophy events, when programmed, together with all Internal and External Red / Gold Point events are conducted under the Laws of Duplicate Bridge (2017), the NSWBA Tournament Regulations and the supplementary NSWBA Tournament Regulations for external events.

  • Club Pairs Championship
  • Club Mixed Pairs Championship
  • Club Daytime Pairs Championship
  • Swiss Pairs Championship
  • Club Teams Championship
  • Hans Eisler Pairs
  • A & D Munro Pairs
  • President’s Teams

Conditions of entry for all trophy and red/gold point events

  1. Winners of Club Trophy Events must be financial members of Pennant Hills Bridge Club.
  2. All members of Top Qualifying Pairs or Teams in State and National Events must  be financial members of Pennant Hills Bridge Club to be eligible for subsidy for further rounds.
  3. Each pair must have a Systems Card on the table.
  4. In multi session teams events, any player acting as a substitute for another player must have an ABF ranking at the same level, or lower, as the player for whom he or she is substituting.
  5. No substitutes are permitted in multi-week pairs events where a change of player will be treated as a new pair for the single session.
  6. For multi session Swiss Pairs and Teams Events, all Table Money is to be paid at the first session.

The Committee reserves the right to amend or alter any, or all, of the above rules.

Special Club Events background

Hans Eisler Pairs

Played in honour of Hans Eisler who founded our club in June 1968 in a classroom at Pennant Hills High where he was Head of Mathematics. Hans organised bridge and was our Director for 22 years, in the initial years covering much of the costs himself. Pleasant and courteous at the table, Hans loved and was loved by everyone.

A & D Munro Pairs

Played in honour of sisters Adell and Doris Munro. Del, a keen bridge player, was a fellow founder of our club in 1968. Doris never played bridge but supported her sister by collecting the money and making tea. Del Munro continued to play and support the club for more than 20 years.